CK one and CK be – limited edition packaging

In these turbulent and uncertain times, communication and unity are the ribbons of an idea that wend and wind their way through all of our lives. Buzzwords of a generation and the hope of many, Calvin Klein has attempted to solidfy this concepts into a fragrant message for 2009.

CK one and CK be will be available from next month in limited edition 100ml collector’s edition flacons which are boxed alongside a portable speaker. The bottle is decorated with the “we are one” slogan. The font is designed to look handwritten and the message appears in a number of languages.

The detachable speaker represents the universal language of music and in this spirit, is compatible with most standard MP3 players. The product will appear in white and silver/grey for CK one and white and black for CK be and the fragrance and speaker. Also available is a matching 250ml body spray.

CK one / CK be ‘we are one’ is available from February 2009.